Single licence CRM product

A single license product which manages complete customer life cycle.

Adura CRM is powered by all communication channels be it voice or digital.

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Adura CRM:

Omni channel CRM
Omni channel sales & service interactions
Ticket management
Ticket management with escalation matrix
Simplified Data matrix management
Data matrix management simplified
use capabilities multi skill agents
Use multi-skill agent capabilities efficiently
Unified customer view
Unified customer view & customer history
Share collaterals
Share collaterals on the fly
multi channel customer identification
Multi-channel customer identification simplified
Performance tracking
Team performance tracking over multiple channels
Intelligent reports
Intelligent integrated reporting at business levels

Drives Complete Customer Lifecycle

Ticket Management

Next Gen CLM software

Erstwhile Customer service has now become customer experience (CX). An earlier simple customer is now evolved and demands more value for money both from the product as well as service. Growth of business now not only depends on the product quality but also on the service quality.

Service is not any longer limited to post sale but begins right from the first interaction pre-sales and lasts till the last interaction. Now that is complex and there is a need for simplifying things. Enhancier Cx simplifies complex business process by automating your customer life cycle management process using innovation, technology & a host of unified communication platforms.

Customer Life Cycle Management
CLM Awareness
Lead Generation
Lead Generation & Qualification
Bidding and proposal
Bidding and Proposal
Negotiation and close
Negotiation and Close
Customer Service
Customer Service
Retention and up/cross sale
Retention & Up/Cross Sale
WOM / Referral

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