Managing service recovery can become a source of competitive differentiation to brands. In spite of well-designed service models, there are possibilities of service/ product failure. The customers who experience this are potential detractors for the brand unless these customers get unique service recovery experience. Today the customer can reach out through any channel to voice out their issues. Ensuring connected … Read More

How to serve the best

Getting more new customers and retaining the existing one is an age old mantra of growth of business. However with growing market competitions the customers and prospects both have wide range of options. Hence it is critical for any organization to ensure that the complete sales and service experience to the customers is unique. Tracking effectiveness of the marketing and … Read More


In the business of multiplicity of brands and products customer experience stands as a sustainable source of differentiation. CEO’s and Brand Managers need to strategize about what customer experience their brand stands for and how their organization will consistently deliver the same. Today the customer reach out to brands through different channels. Website, mobile apps, social channels, phone, email, chat, … Read More