Introduction To Adura

Enhancier has brought Adura CRM exclusively for optimizing your business solutions by creating state of the art solutions for CRM, sales, marketing, order management, inventory management, email response management, social CRM and above all, managing customer lifecycle.

Telephony Solutions

Advanced inbound calling

IVRS branch from basic to multilevel

Display pop up

Customer detection with a display pop up window

Advanced outbound calling with CRM

Manual/ search based outbound call via CRM

Preview calling

List upload based preview calling

Inbound call activity analytics

Multiple inbound call reports and dashboard

Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring dashboard for data driven results

Define extension and queue

Configurable extension and queue definition panel

Easy mapping panel

Configurable agent to queue mapping panel

Escalation queue transfer

Managing escalation queue with warm

Call features

Call hold, internal and third party call conference, internal and external call transfer feature

Track interactions

Track customer interaction for understanding customer behaviour

List rectification

Enable filters for list rectification

Email Response Management

email response management
  • Email allocation

    Manual and logic based email allocation to agents
  • Flexible email response management

    Supervisory option to flexibly manage email response among agents
  • Email features

    Option to manage rejected, allocated, locked emails flexibly
  • TAT Management

    Analyzing and managing your turn around time & response time
  • Visibility of complete interaction

    Track detailed customer email interaction for understanding customer behaviour
  • Agent wise analytics

    Agent wise work queue and response view for supervisor
  • Reminder setup

    Follow-up and reminder set up
  • Ticket creation for email

    Ticket creation and allocation for email cases
  • Email template

    Custom auto response and email template management
  • Escalation matrix

    Easy to escalate a query to higher level
  • Configurable knowledge base

    Enabling agent to access relevant content
  • User profile reports

    Customizable reports and dashboards for different user profiles
  • Retrieve rejected emails

    Ability for supervisor to retrieve rejected emails.

Social Media Support Solution

Real time social media tracking

Social media tracking Consistent track of data/ conversations from various social media like Twitter, Facebook, G+ or LinkedIn.
Blog & discussion monitoring
Active monitoring of blogs/ forums/ discussion sites

Insightful social media view

View and response to all opted social data from selected channels (social media) via CRM

Allocation of social post

through-out customer interaction with social media
Option to allocate social data to agents either manually or based on logic

Capture more detailed interaction

Detailed interaction capture for each response
Opportunity creation for social responses Lead Generation Opportunity to create ticket for social responses Configurable knowledge base Knowledge base for agent’s response Fully customizable social reports Reports and dashboards

Webchat Customer Support

Easy Customer detection

Customer data flashes with customer detection.

Multi-chatting efficiency

Agent can handle upto 5 chats simultaneously.

Chat history

Chat history available for a defined timeline.

Single view interaction history

Single login customer view of multi-channels.

Sharing and co-browsing

Document share and co- browsing enabled suggestive chat.

Track chat traffic inflow

Chat queue allows both supervisors and agents to keep a track of traffic inflow.

Intelligent chat drop detection

Dropped chat can be captured in the system and further processed to retain customer.

Handle Social reference

Social reference is also possible in case customer has made any past social conversation on the brand.

Case Management Solutions

Customizable ticket field

Customizable ticket field

Creating and managing custom field tickets and support customer form.
Enhance ticket closure with survey

Enhance ticket closure with survey

Opportunity to map survey on ticket closure
Effective implementation of Case management

Effective implementation of Case management

Quick and easy case management flow set up.
Permission to users
Permission to users Create/ remove/ modify ticket attribute and ticket comment permission to user
Manual ticket sharing

Manual ticket sharing

Agents can manually share tickets to another agents
Auto notification to customer

Auto notification to customer

Notification set up to intimate customers regarding ticket status.
Ticket escalations

Ticket escalations

Easy implementation of escalation rule for agent to agent or team leads
Trigger TAT

Trigger TAT

Configurable generic TAT or business hours based TAT as per ticket requirement.
Configurable auto rule

Configurable auto rule & mapping set up

Ticket auto-allocation based on allocation rule setup and rule mapping to particular users.
Configurable dispositions

Configurable dispositions

Configurable disposition helps you take information required from agents.
Customized reports

Customized reports

Different user profiles can provide customized reports and dashboard as per business matrix
Ticket API

Ticket API

A ticket API is agents view point about the system generated ticket.
Easy inbuilt telephone access

Easy inbuilt telephony access

Inbuilt telephony channel to reach customer anytime through the single panel
Handle customer via social media

Handle customer via social media

Social media complaint/ request handling (if opted for social media customer support)
Mapping knowledge base

Mapping Knowledge base

Mapping knowledge base to effectively guide agents
High level ticket filtration

High level ticket filtration

Manual ticket allocation with advanced filters.

Order Management Solution

Cross-channel order management

Seamless multi-channel order placement and management Inventory Management

Inventory management

Managing flow from manufacturer to warehouse inventory made simple
Order information history tracker

Order information history tracker

Consolidate all the interaction history related to order over any channel.

Discount & promo code management

Trouble-free tax, discount and coupon code management

Follow-up management

Timely follow-up management based on reminders with notesFollowup and management

Share product announcements

Swift document library sharing on the fly

Configurable knowledge base

Knowledge base relating to SKU’s / orders/ terms and conditions of sales etc. to guide agents during live interaction

Advanced OMS analytics

Customizable reports and dashboards for different user profiles order information

Survey Management

Survey Management

Disposition trigger survey

Improved survey trigger after disposition trigger

Smart multi-channel survey trigger

Survey trigger over choice of channels: email, SMS, IVR outcall and so forth

Set up survey duration

Option to define time delay and expiry of the survey

Configure survey body

Create/modify/ enhance the 100% configurable survey body

In-depth survey reports

Customer satisfaction dashboards for viewing survey response and reports

Quality Management Solutions

Quality monitoring and reporting

Enabling customized reports and dashboard for detailed quality check

Audit agent performance

Opportunity to audit agent performance for multiple channels of communication

Interaction quality assurance

Snapshot and detailed view of agent’s interaction for quality control

Define quality criteria

Opportunity to define quality attributes and weightages

Accessibility to agent's activity

Intelligent access to voice files and response of agents interactions with customer for audit
Quality Management

Sales Cycle Management

Simple sales process set up

Easy administrative steps to set up a sales process

Realistic sales funnel

Get accurate realistic projections through sales funnel

Campaign management

Segmentation and campaign management through email and call

Call Campaigns

Sales inquiry calls and cold call campaign served through same solution platform

Single panel lead interactions

Single view customer interaction ensures overall lead/customer record in same CRM platform

Secure sales collateral sharing

Sharing documents securely on the fly

Smart follow-up and reminders

Update follow-up, appointments and reminders to increase customer engagement
Sales Cycle management

Sales reports and dashboard

Discover reports and dashboards to get accurate sales analytics

Lead management

Allocating and escalating leads to respective functions easily

Centralized Knowledge base

Centrally managed knowledge base that populates with reference to current interaction and ensuring effective sales call

Sorted active leads

Reduce work load with automatic sorted and filter active leads

Sales activity tracker

Handy solution for keeping a track of daily sales activity

Track field sales performance

Continually monitor sales agent performance towards goal

Quick and flexible process setup

Map and execute business process set up easily with sales crm

Why Adura?

  • Identify business process

    We are the ones who will correctly identify your business process.

  • Map your business

    We will map your business processes with the appropriate solutions that will aid in the path of gaining success.

  • Optimum support

    We will give you optimum support in the configuration and deployment of services.

Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer behavior

    We will help you to understand the consumer behavior, with aid of customer interaction data, analytics with reports and thereby boost up your sales in the long run.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We promise to stand beside you while you can attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Customer relationship

    We will help you to manage your customer relationship effectively and in a time-efficient manner.

Adura CRM Overview

CRM product


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Make a move with Adura CRM and let your business revolutionize into a market winner!