How to be a BPO Cx Winner? The Compelling CRM Offerings

February 5, 2018

India has emerged as the germinating ground for outsourced business processes. Indian IT and BPM industry is expected to grow to US$ 350 billion by 2025 and BPM is expected to account for US$ 50-55 billion out of the total revenue (Indian Brand Equity Foundation).

Communication and customer experience solution are the support system for the industry to live and grow.

So, let us look at the formidable challenges for this industry and their technological fixes.

Challenge 1# High Attrition rate

Challenge 2 # Higher need of skilled agents

IT providers tends to have the highest attrition at 26%- Analytics India

“Emphasis shifting from scale to skills. In demand: technical competencies (especially in new technologies) & soft skills; Automation cannibalizing some jobs and creating new ones, net impact positive due to growth”- NASSCOM report on Indian IT- BPM Industry FY 16 Performance and FY17 Outlook

Solution: Quality and analytics

Braced with these two walls, BPO workers need to be monitored well securing maximum productivity for superlative degrees of customer experience. Adura Cx-GEM weighs operational service, agent knowledge and performance against KPIs, keymetric reports- for calls answered, abandoned, etc. This anchors in the brand accountability and transparency, greater job satisfaction and as a result customer satisfaction. Proper tracking and analytics are also essential for constant improvement in new hire performance. Apart from bringing in agent/team success, this ingrains employee longevity, boosting customer loyalty and revenue rise of the company.

Adura also generates multi-dimensional reports for business performance, thus letting both a bird’s eye view analysis and a drill down to its components.

Challenge 3# 66% of customers switch companies due to poor service and 82% felt that their service provider could have done something to prevent them from switching. (Accenture)

So what lies in the gap between what customer do and they feel?

Solution: CSAT report- the happy customer KPI

Customer interfacing touch points, be it any channel, are a gateway to the mind of customer and helps in discovering insights into customer preferences or even their frustration. A Customer Satisfaction surveys are the window to customer feelings which is ingenuine in customer journey mapping for any business. After all, customer experience is the holy grail for revenue rise and is a universal truth-72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority (Forrester).


What are the survey questions? Do you send the same question to a lead who has called for product query and to a customer after closing a ticket of product complaint resolution?

Let us see examples, So what if you send this question to a lead who has called for product query-

“How would you rate our service? Good , Bad, Neutral (Infographics)”

Have you served the lead enough? He has not even made a purchase.

Adura realizes this well and lets you configure the survey questions in the way you want: Rating points, open comments, and questions with binary answers

That’s not enough!

Tech savvy customers of hyper information age use multiple communication channel and switches them more often. A customer may feel loss of privacy to be called at works hours or may feel warm if they are being called for a survey. Adura takes care of this multi channel necessity and lets you conduct CSAT survey via your preferred channel- phone, email or text.

Challenge 4# Longer calls and lesser revenue

So how are the two even related?

92% of salespeople give up after four “no’s”, but 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes” – Callpage

Lesser time on each call will mean more calls – more leads – more conversion rates. Here lesser time means lesser Average Handling Time (AHT) which is one of the most critical call center metrics that measures the average duration of contact between an agent and a customer. Smart IVR not only reduces time with option optimization but also encourage self service among customers.

Adura’s unique functionalities– skill based routing, smart IVR technology, knowledge management, single dashboard have reduced call duration and have exemplified more case of FCR (First call resolution).

Apple for oranges is no good and therefore, Adura helps in selecting the right agent based on their language, report score, skills and routes call, cutting down call hold time. Smart IVR encourages self-service and involves live agent when only other available self service options fail to address customer concern.  Adura realizes the value of time in business. Therefore, through its analytics, one can easily identify volume of tickets via multiple channel in each day and each hour. This enables a business to organize task and delegate agents based on their workload or ticket volume having to bear directly on productivity and employee satisfaction. A single dashboard presenting complete customer information across channel in real time paces up agent’s response reflex and enriches response quality.

Talking about response quality, Adura also offers:

Solution: Knowledge Management

Adura empowers its frontline agents for every situation via Knowledge Management (KM) where FAQs, Q&A relating to customers are stored. For any new kind of a customer/lead query, agents may refer this repository available in a single snapshot in which ongoing call/email as well as customer history is available.

So is this repository of archaic value only?

No, Adura not only keeps historical records but keeps enriching KM in real time, armouring its frontline agents for any new unknown kind of a query. This mitigates the high churn rate of BPO industry as a new agent can take up things right there from where his predecessor left minimizing his training time and cost. A great value addition to time!

Challenge 5# Frontline agents are humans. They may still go wrong or may need assistance on a call!

Solution: Team Adura leaves no stone unturned to think of customer situations. And here its call barging and call forwarding features on the offing, which not only helps in live call monitoring but also helps supervisors and mentors provide guidance on a live call. Apart from call records monitoring, a supervisor may step in an ongoing call where the agent may be stuck and come up with unique solutions. Also it lets agent transfer or forward calls in case it may be taken care of better by another department/process.

Our take:

As it stands out, transformational customer experience in  BPO is not a frontline responsibility only. In fact it is both frontline and back end work in tandem. Adura here dives deeper to  understand all BPO needs and make the revenue hunger, its own. The high configurability and levelled pricing of product is sure to soar up business revenue.

Our conviction:

Adura is woven into the growth story of all its customer. If you want to boost customer experience journey in your call center with a high score on all key BPO metrics then let us reach you.

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