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Development 3 Open Positions

DevOps Engineer(1)

The ideal candidate will be accountable for engineering of Continuous Delivery pipeline for our SaaS product and API platform, with a focus on delivery of continuous integration, automated deployment, monitoring, and remediation capabilities, in fully virtualized cloud environments.

Server Administrator(1)

The ideal candidate will be accountable for implementation ; configuration and management of the entire SaaS / PaaS infrastructure on IBM cloud. The candidate will also manage the infrastructure of our local office infrastructure and networking.

Module Lead(1)

We are looking for Module Lead, we bring together world-class experts to develop and ship ground-breaking products at the intersection of hardware, software and services.This requires a candidate who can utilizes advanced server-side programming ( using PHP and Node.JS) to design ; code and maintain our product ecosystem.
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Finance 0 Open Positions
Sales and marketing 0 Open Positions
Customer service 0 Open Positions
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