July 2018

Version 2.1

In our current release, we have added some interesting new features and enhanced our existing modules in our journey to transforming customer experience.
With this update we have added following features:
1) Capacity planner
2) Notification center
3) Auto allocation and prioritization engine
4) Google single sign on
5) IP based authentication
6) RTM for outbound telephony

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February 2018

Version 2.0

This February,  we have moved our product to a whole new level and hence we are now delivering the version 2.0 of our Adura product. We have upgraded our underlying technology stack to the latest version. We have upgraded our product to latest PHP version and moved our product to NGINX web server. This upgrade will help us serve you with faster application response and better stability.

We have added lots of new feature in this release which dramatically upgrades our product service offering. This release has added Auto Outbound Dialer and Predictive Dialer. We have also added features like Team Hierarchy , Relationship Manager , Same Queue Transfer etc.

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December 2017

Version 1.1

We are working every day to make our product more suited to the upcoming business needs. This month also we have come up with exciting new features, speedy bug fixes and new plans. We have added the feature of attachment based search of emails as well as string based auto allocation of emails to relevant departments.
There is also introduction of the unique cascading attribute in tickets which streamlines customer information further. While this is a snippet into the release, there is more to what we have accomplished last month.
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